👌 A starter for GatsbyJS with a preconfigured MDX, Storybook and ESLint environment

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Prefer TypeScript? No worries, try awesome-gatsby-starter-ts


  • Gatsby MDX for creation of pages with Markdown + JSX
  • Storybook with the Storybook Docs addon and support for components that use Gatsby components such as Link and StaticQuery
  • styled-components for CSS-in-JS
  • ESLint with Airbnb's config
  • Prettier integrated into ESLint
  • A few example components and pages with stories and simple site structure

Getting started

Install this starter (assuming you have gatsby-cli installed) by running the following command:

gatsby new your-projects-name https://github.com/South-Paw/awesome-gatsby-starter


Install Node.js and Yarn.

Open the project directory in your CLI and run the yarn command to install dependencies.

After that you can run any of following commands

# local development (localhost:8000)
yarn start

# storybook development (localhost:9000)
yarn start:storybook

# run eslint on project
yarn lint

# build site for deployment (/public)
yarn build

# build storybook for deployment (/public/storybook)
yarn build:storybook

# local gatsby serve of /public
yarn serve

# clean build artifacts (/.cache and /public)
yarn clean

Issues and Bugs

If you manage to find any, please report them here so they can be squashed.


MIT, see the LICENSE file.